Empress Angelique Blaque

I’m erotic, sadisticlly imaginative and adventurous. I am Empress Angelique Blaque. In my world there are no limitations when it comes to submissive desires. Join me. I am aroused by pain and degradation and never limited to: Extended Bondage and Caging Financial Domination Fisting Flogging Forced Feminization Spanking Strap-on Suffocation Tease and Denial Tickling Training Water sports Forced Masturbation Foot Worship Forced Masturbation Goddess Worship Humiliation Human Furniture Anal Sex, you Ashtray Ass Worship Biting Body Worship Bondage Boot Worship Breathe ControlCaging Caning CBT Deprivation Shoe Worship; Shaving Sissy Training Shopping Trips Slapping Chastity Training Wax Whipping Cupping Discipline Domestic Service Edge Play Enemas Interrogations Kidnapping Key Holding Services Leather Worship Leg Worship Mummification Needle Play Nipple Torture Novice Panty Fetish Pay Piggy Prostate Over The Knee Spankings Public Play Sensation Play Sensory Distance Training (Telephone and Web camera Instruction) Eccentric (unique) request are to be sent by email.

I carry myself with poise and confidence. I am well-organized, a great people person and am respectful of your boundaries and privacy. I’m A Strong and Sensual Ebony Mistress who Indulges in Forbidden Domination and Fetish Desires. I offer you my natural self: humor, class, style, grace, with a bit of kink and brashness during my Sessions.

I am different from other mistresses in the sense that I tend to more fetish needs in a more passionate, erotic way, seducing on an intellectual and emotional level, as well as the sadistic physical one. I engage in a mature fashion, being more entertaining and classy than just a cold, robotic Session. I like to develop interpersonal relationships with all my playmates and hope to share many more memorable experiences together.

Are you ready for the wildest, erotic, heart time of your life? S and M, role-playing, tease and denial, flogging , caning, spanking foot, body worship sissy training humiliation And more… Let’s just say I am a Non-Traditional female performance artist to the extreme. I have had quite a lot of inquiries as to what services I provide. So here you will find a detailed list of the fetishes I specialize in, also note that this is not an exhaustive list. CBT Cock and Ball torture Enforced Feminization Prolonged Chastity Humiliation Torture/Penis punishment Cuckoldry Dog/Pet Play Orgasm Denial Edge Play, etc. I could go on and on about my interests but I won’t. If you enjoy something specific that is not written here contact me telling me your desires, fetishes interests and tastes.

Enforced Feminization: This is when a slave is forced to Dress in female attire and is instructed to behave in a feminine manner such as the way he sits, the way he walks and more importantly the way he talks.

Prolonged Chastity: The slave’s penis is enclosed in a chastity device and he becomes completely at my mercy. His chastisement last as long as I permit with him never knowing when he will be released from his sexual torment. The chastity device prevents the wearer from engaging in any form of sexual gratification. Make sure you have your own device already if this interests you.

Humiliation: Humiliation can involve physical and/or verbal abuse. The slave may be subject to constant verbal abuse by being told how worthless he/she is, how stupid they are, how pathetic they are, how dumb they are. This is also enforced by the slave having to write out degrading things about themselves or I may write it all over their body as a constant reminder. Now we move on to the physical abuse. This can be done by me or I may tell the slave to abuse himself i.e. punch himself, piss himself, shit himself or just dress in female clothing and so on.

Torture/Punishment: Being a sadist I enjoy nothing more than torturing a slave. This can be both mental and physical. Torture can be consensual or not depending on how the slave has behaved and/or what mood I am in. Non masochistic slaves find this a hard cross to bear so torture usually has great results. When punishing a slave I tend to use anything at hand or tell him to use anything at hand be it a belt, a cord, clothes pegs, knives etc. CBT Cock and Ball torture is something I have always enjoyed.

Cuckoldry: In principle you would remain monogamous to me at all times whilst being denied sex with me or with any other. You would be subjected to humiliation and degradation from me and my boyfriend. If you were lucky you would get the chance to see how a real man treats a woman. You’re only use would be to provide me with the finances for going out whilst you stayed at home like a true Cuckolded Bitch.

Dog Play: This is where the slave/submissive is treated like a dog or is forced to act like one. The slave would take the position of being on all fours and would remain that way for however long I wished. The slave would be stripped of all his clothing and would have to eat his meals from a dog bowl placed on the floor. He would be provided something to pee in and would defecate himself on newspapers placed down. You would wear your dog collar as sign of ownership and a gag if the ‘dog’ couldn’t stop speaking.

Orgasm Denial: A powerful tool yet very erotic. The slave is brought up to the point of ejaculation then is stopped from cumming. This could be repeated for as long as I like for as many days as I like. The experience can be intense for both slave and Mistress. The slave knowing that if he cums without permission he will have consequences to face and the Mistress watching on in excitement seeing her slave wriggle under her torment. One could say this is another form of torture.

Edge Play: This could involve any number of things let’s start with knife play. The slave would be forced to rub a knife around his penis and balls whilst being verbally abused. He may be told to push the tip of the knife down his urethra causing him discomfort or incredible pain. Other forms of edge play could involve blood-letting, branding, scat, water sports, body modification, breath play, age play and many others. The only limit is ones imagination.

I could go on and on about my interests but I won’t. If you enjoy something specific that is not written here contact me telling me your desires, fetishes interests and tastes.